MARIA SKÖLDIN is a Swedish jewellery brand that operates in Stockholm. The jewellery graphic expression and the coherent themes of the collection are some of the hallmarks of the brand. The designer behind the brand, Maria Sköldin has extensive experience in jewellery design and manufacturing using both traditional craft techniques and modern industrial techniques.

She often combines these experiences in her collections, giving the jewellery an extra dimension.

Inspiration comes from everyday life, from the things that surround us but we don't always notice.

OCTASCOPE is the latest jewellery collection from the brand, and it is inspired by the endless change of patterns that you experience in a octascope (a kaleidoscope, but instead of prisms, the room is reflected). The designer was fascinated by how the colors and patterns change depending on what you look at.

The jewellery collection  "Octascope" vill be released in August and at the same time the brand's online store opens.